Can grandparents bring their grandchildren in for their vaccinations?

A parent or legal guardian must be the person who receives the vaccine information sheet (VIS), HIPAA informational sheet, HIPAA consent form and completes the vaccine administration record for the child receiving shots. Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS).

Before we moved to Nevada, my doctor said my child's immunizations were up to date. Why is my school now telling me my child needs more shots?

States have different requirements for school entry. The following are required by Nevada State Law:

  1. Tdap - All students entering 7th Grade must have a Tdap.
  2. Varicella - Students new to Nevada schools, who have not had Chicken Pox Disease, must have two (2) Varicella doses. The second dose must be at four (4) years of age or older.
  3. Polio - Students new to Nevada schools must have four (4) doses of Polio. The 4th dose must be at four (4) years of age or older.
Will the Health District bill my insurance company for immunizations?

The Health District only bills Medicaid, Nevada Check-up, and Cigna. You will be provided a receipt to submit to your insurance company with your claim for reimbursement.

How will I know when my child needs more shots?

Many shot records indicate when the next vaccinations are due. Parents can check with their physician's office or clinic. Complete childhood and adult immunization schedules are available at Annual influenza (flu) vaccination is recommended for children aged 6 months or older.

Will I need an appointment for an immunization or can I just come to the Health District?

Appointments are required for immunizations. We make appointments up to one week in advance. Walk in appointments are limited to schedule openings.

Last modified on 08/14/2023