For your convenience permit applications and general information documents are available for you to print out. For a list of current and upcoming fees, click here. To request a refund, click here for the form. If you have any questions about the information contained in these documents, please contact the Air Quality Management Division at (775) 784-7200. 

Stationary Source Forms and Applications

Control Device Worksheets

Emission Unit Worksheets

Non-Metallic Mineral Processing (Crushing/Screening) Forms and Applications

The following tools should be used to apply for a Permit to Operate for Non-Metallic Mineral Processing (Crushing/Screening) - Stationary or Portable/Rented/Temporary:

Title V

Other Forms and Applications

Asbestos Program

Dust Control Program

Wood Burning Device Program

Prescribed Burn

Air Pollution Control Hearing Board

Last modified on 05/29/2024